LED Display Lights Up the Fantasy Football Experience for Redskins Fans

The Opportunity

The Washington Redskins wanted to create a fantasy sports lounge for fans on game days.  Not only should the space be comfortable, but it needed to provide fantasy sports stats in a timely and entertaining manner.  The team engaged Intuivation Services Consulting, Inc. to help make their vision a reality.  Intuivation developed a custom LED ticker to fit the space and consulted on the appropriate fantasy sports feeds to bring the team’s vision to life.

The Solution and Partners

Irene Chow, CEO of Intuivation Services Consulting, Inc., for assistance.  Intuivation Services Consulting, Inc. was consulting with the team on another project and enlisted one of its alliance partners, Premier Sports 2, LLC, to source a high-quality, yet cost-competitive, custom LED display solution.  The ticker selected  also provides full video capability in the event the team would like to maximize video content on the displays.  Premier Sports 2 provided onsite support  to coordinate the installation with the team’s IT and Operations departments.

To create the seamless appearance of the wraparound LED ticker, the solution comprised 10mm black SMD indoor LED panels in four sections that created an 18-inch x 39-foot indoor three-dimensional LED display.  A local electrician installed two 120V, 20 AMP power circuits to power the entire display.  The display is controlled over shielded Cat5e from a Microsoft Surface PC several hundred feet away in a server room.

The Challenges

One of the biggest challenges was to develop the display within 30 days while managing the logistics involved with overseas manufacturing.  The logistical issues made the management of the project’s timeline challenging.  The final results, the display is visually stunning and the content is easy to manage.

The Results

LED Ticker Viewed by Redskins FansThe fantasy sports lounge is now one of the busiest areas of the stadium on game days.  The display solution provided by Intuivation Services Consulting, Inc. and alliance partner Premier Sports 2, LLC met the requirements to  enable the “wow factor” for the fans.

The Washington Redskins Stadium is located at 1600 Fedex Way in Hyattsville, MD 20785.

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