Digital Signage as a Service

I’ve seen Digital Signage evolve from Digital Signage as a hardware and software solution to Digital Signage as a Service.  Many in the industry who are providing Digital Signage for their customers know that Digital Signage is not just a TV display nor is it a technology.  It’s not really a system either.  A system seems to refer to the technology itself and the execution of the technology.  It works or it doesn’t work.  It’s on or it’s off. 

Services provided with Digital Signage are managed differently, depending on what is needed for the customer opportunity.  Good customer service though is the foundation for any service to be successful.  These services include, but are not limited to:  pre-sales consultation, creating the scope of work, concept and system design, proposal development, site surveys, cable installation, electrical services, hardware and software installation, customer software set-up, content creation, content management, post-sales service management, financing, sponsorship and advertising management.  I hope I didn’t offend anyone who provides a service for Digital Signage that I did not already mention.  The point is that none of this really matters if you don’t understand the customer’s Digital Signage application and what it is supposed to achieve.

Understanding the Digital Signage application is very important.  How will the Digital Signage be used and what does the customer hope to gain from it.  More importantly for the Digital Signage provider, if that is you, is being able to sell it as a package to make it easier for the customer to understand.  I’m not suggesting that you throw everything that I mentioned into one product SKU.  What I am suggesting, though, is to simplify what you are providing to the customer so that they know they are buying an application package that will include what is needed to deliver dynamic pricing at their restaurant and bar, an information kiosk that drives more traffic or clicks to their web store, or whatever is the intended application.  I’m sure there are plenty of applications that have evolved as more people embrace new technologies as a way of life.  Be flexible as well so that the customer can opt out of certain services that they may not need, such as advertising or sponsorship management, if they are already doing this or outsourcing this to an agency.

When you can present the application as a package to a customer – even if you are outsourcing some of the components of the package – you are presenting a complete offering to the customer.  Thus, you become a leader and their Digital Signage provider.  That and good customer service will go a long way to ensuring your longevity as Digital Signage continues its evolution.

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