Interactive Meeting Room Digital Signage Displays

The largest market for digital signage is the corporation.  The reason is that there is a lot of foot traffic in one building on a daily basis – from employees, customers and vendors – thus, there are plenty of people to communicate to on a daily basis.  Why not utilize the many meeting rooms to do this and be able to schedule the appropriate content using your existing Google or Microsoft Outlook or Exchange meeting scheduler to do the job.

Typically, the meeting room displays are IP-addressable and come in sizes such as 7-inch, 10-inch, or 15.6-inch with touch capability and are powered over Ethernet (PoE) for convenience.  However, a power supply is also provided.  These displays can display content in either portrait or landscape mode.

reserva-in-portrait-and-landscapeOne of the benefits of using a meeting room booking display solution is the ability for the meeting attendee to confirm with a touch on the display that they have attended the meeting.  Today, up to 40% of meetings scheduled in advance never happen.  Thus, a room will looked booked in the system, even though the meeting may have been canceled.  With a meeting room booking solution, when a meeting has not been confirmed after 10 minutes on the schedule, the meeting is automatically deleted from the schedule, thus, freeing up the room for other meetings.

Another added benefit is that a greeting or other communication, such as a company logo, can also be added to the meeting room display for the benefit of the meeting attendees.  That is why these room-booking displays are also digital signage displays.  On a larger digital signage display, such as in the main lobby, the primary conference room schedule for the visitors/customer meeting room, can be displayed on a meeting room summary zone for the larger 50-inch or greater display.  That main lobby display would also typically show corporate branding images, incorporate a RSS news feed and weather, as content examples.

The utility of the digital signage display can present itself as a meeting room booking display.  While efficiency in booking rooms –and increasing the meeting room utilization rate and accuracy — are the primary benefits of this solution, the flexibility in using the displays for additional corporate branding and communication are the value-add benefits.

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